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Lets protect the rights of poor people

“Injustice any where is a threat to justice every where.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Our Children Are The Future

ED Poor children have become a part of a money making industry. Department of Children and family (DCFS) has had more than 100 deaths. The juvenile court system regularly traumatizes children without representation and unreasonable delays in court hearings.

We are morally responsible for our children and heritage. Children are defenseless and victimized for money.

What other parents say

Parental rights are voided by anonymous and unfounded accusations provided without identity. The individuals entrusted with the care of poor children of color are poorly trained and inattentive to the needs of our children.

The adoption of children of color by individuals not of color receive no cultural sensitivity training. The children are taken from their culture today, names are changed without knowledge or relationship with family and siblings just like during the slavery era.

Our Success


Since we opened in 2017 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 1000 students.


If our students don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our students have a 100% University acceptance rate!


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up an assessment for your child where they will interact in a real classroom environment?

We will spend a day with your child in one of our classroom, where they will get to see what a day in the life of a Stratford student is like. Get in touch with us and we can help your child fulfil their potential by enrolling at Stratford!

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